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One of the best combination out there of loads of content and a considered low price, ideal if you
struggle to watch anything because of lack of good content

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Movie buffs and discerning spectators won't be disappointed with Hubift


 Hubift makes you happy specially on weekends when  you're alone craving a drink, it's a superb streaming
service for anyone with penchant for good and classic movies and series


With its quality content, ranking of movies and tv shows is one of the
best and most unique option of streaming services around

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And save money, almost half of all the spend in streamings, every single month

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How the service is installed?
- It works as any other streaming service, download the app from App Store, Google Play, TV app stores,
 Roku, Chromecast, TV Box, etc

The price is fixed or will change after 2nd month?
-  It's fixed for at least 10 months, any future changes our subscriber will be advised in advance
Do the  shows have ads?
 -No, you can enjoy the full experience at its best. 0 ads
 Can I cancel anytime?
- Yes, it's all up to you
So can I watch any series/movies from Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max
- Yes, it's all available in your hands
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